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This is the food brand with a range of more than 1,100 references, which includes formats adapted to your business. At Gros Mercat you will also find a line of products called Gourmet Premium. Discover the range of Gourmet products by clicking here

Sabor Español

Sabor Español is the brand of products that are typical of Spanish gastronomy. Oil, wine, canned food or turrones are some of our references.With Sabor Español, Spain has flavour. Discover the range of Sabor Español products by clicking here.


A new brand of natural cosmetics made ​​with Pure Canary Island Aloe Vera. The product line includes shower gel, shampoo, body milk, hand cream, face creams and sun protection creams. Templa is care that comes from the earth.


The personal hygiene and beauty products brand. More than 100 articles for everyday use that provide you with care and well being. 


Es la marca de productos de limpieza y bazar que actualmente cuenta con más de 190 referencias.

Our wines

Conde de Iznar, Eternium, Condado de Ovante, Juve Masana, Roca Blanca, Condado de Sidar and Ciutat Vella are our signature wines. We distribute them exclusively to professionalise your wine list.