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Guaranteed quality

A logistics network structure with strategically located platforms throughout Spain and the Balearic Islands guarantees that the fresh products you find in Gros Mercat are fresh every day.You’ll also find everyday items for your business in formats tailored to the professional sector with guaranteed quality. In addition to meeting all your needs we provide you with best quality local and regional products. We also carry the less common and most exclusive products.

Amplia zona de productos frescos

En nuestros centros podrás encontrar una amplia zona de más de 500 m2 dedicada a los productos frescos: frutas, verdura, carne, pescado, charcutería y congelados.

Finished Dish: the smarter menu:

Finished dishes ready to heat and serve. Whatever your business you only need a microwave, fryer or water bath to serve your customers tapas, starters, main courses, sandwiches and supplements in the quickest, most cost-effective, safest and easiest way.